The white paper: EMG solutions for metal service centres

Metal service centres and processors are facing demanding challenges!

Their main customers, the car manufacturers, are undergoing a profound change. The use of steel in the automotive industry is expected to decline. The trend is towards high-strength and ultra-high-strength steels with smaller structural thicknesses, as well as aluminium.

Electromobility and autonomous driving are current and upcoming developments for which it is important to prepare now.

  • Do you already have plans on how to compete in this market? 
  • Are you ready to use the latest technologies? 
  • Do you want to stand out with highest quality as well as agility and flexibility?

Put your trust in EMG! With our strip guiding solutions and various quality assurance systems in combination with our excellent service, you will always find the right and economically attractive solution with significant advantages for your production processes:

  • Precise control of the strip path for all steps in processing 
  • Highly accurate measurement of material thickness and width
  • Precise strip width measurement also for slit strip
  • Coil and plate-related availability of data for end customers or downstream processes
  • Increased material yield through optimised processes and less waste
  • Combined visualisation, e.g. for thickness and width in one HMI
  • High-precision oil layer measurement and optimisation of oil application

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