EMG Quality Assurance Systems for metal strip production

Quality Assurance Systems

The increased demands on new materials and ever more complex components require ever greater process reliability in the production of steel and aluminium strips. The innovative quality assurance systems of our Metal business unit enable our customers to continuously optimise their manufacturing processes and increase their production quality. Consequently, you will also be able to meet the constantly growing demands on your end products tomorrow.

Accurate processes are essential for high-quality production. EMG’s QA systems for slabs, hot strips, and cold and electrical strips and slit strips, make sure that the products are strong with ideal quality characteristics such as surface, dimensions, material properties and coating, and thus fulfill the needs of the customer.

EMG iTiM - Thickness measurement

EMG iTiM are thickness measurement solutions, based on three measurement principles, which can be used for a variety of production scenarios. 


EMG IMPOC - measurement of tensile strength and yield strength

EMG IMPOC is a proven magnetic-inductive measuring system for the automatic, non-destructive online determination of the mechanical parameters tensile strength and yield strength of ferromagnetic steel strips.  


EMG eMASS® - Electromagnetic Strip Stabilisation

EMG eMASS® is a turnkey system for stabilising high-speed ferromagnetic steel strips based on electromagnets.    


EMG eBACS - Edge mask control

EMG eBACS is an edge mask control for non-contact protection of strip edges in hot-dip galvanising lines.


EMG SOLID® - Oil layer measurement

EMG SOLID® is a system for online measurement of oil deposits on running strips.   


EMG BREIMO - Strip width measurement

EMG BREIMO is the non-contact, optical strip width measurement of steel strips in a continuously running process.    


EMG iCAM® - Strip and slit strip width measurement

With EMG iCAM®, a modular solution is now available that enables high-precision strip and slit strip width measurement. 


EMG SORM® - Roughness measurement

EMG SORM® is the online measuring system for recording roughness parameters on running strips.  


EMG hotCAM - Optical position measurement on hot strip

Maintaining a defined strip position between the rolling stands is essential for process reliability in a hot rolling mill. Continuous measurement of the strip position with EMG hotCAM enables optimum adjustment of the roll force and roll gap.


EMG iSCAN® - slab dimension measurement, positioning and tracking

Precise, non-contact measurement of slab geometry with EMG iSCAN® is realised with a customised array of laser-based sensors. Even under great heat, our sensors keep a cool head.    


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