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It is our declared goal to become better and better. In addition to the continuous further development of our products, we are constantly working on the development of innovative solutions. To implement new product ideas, we work closely with our customers and - depending on requirements - also with research institutions, universities and specialised industrial partners.

Here you will find examples of successful cooperations from all of the world.


VDMA Measuring and Testing Technology

More than 200 companies in the length measurement technology, testing technology and scales industry are organised in the VDMA Measuring and Testing Technology. With around 120 manufacturers of materials, component and structural testing machines, functional and endurance test benches, balancing machines and systems as well as vibration measurement systems, testing technology is the largest specialised division. 
Since 2016, Dr Matthias Irle, EMG Automation GmbH, has been Chairman of the Testing Technology Division and Deputy Chairman of the Association's Executive Board, helping to shape the direction of the Association.
The members meet at the annual testing machine conference to discuss current economic and technical topics.

ZENIT e.V. network

The shareholders are the North Rhine-Westphalian state government, the ZENIT e.V. network with around 200 medium-sized companies and a banking consortium. In this context, EMG, as a full member of the Zenit e.V. network, is also represented on the supervisory board of Zenit GmbH and on the board of the ZENIT e.V. network. This provides an opportunity to strengthen the research and funding policy of the state of NRW with impetus from industry and to align ZENIT's services with industrial needs.

International Zinc Association

The International Zinc Association's GAP ZCO-91 project "Magnetic Properties of Steel for Real-Time Quality Assessments" is investigating the correlations between microstructure, mechanical and magnetic material properties of advanced high-strength steels. The mechanical material properties such as tensile strength and yield strength can be determined non-destructively over the entire length of the strip using magnetic parameters that are measured online and without contact on the running strip. The aim of the project is to define correlations in order to create new possibilities for the online determination of relevant material properties.

Universities & Universities of Applied Sciences


The ILM is an institute of the Baden-Württemberg Innovation Alliance and transfers findings from applied research into practice. To this end, it works on publicly funded projects and direct R&D contracts, often together with companies. The main areas of expertise are "Biomedical Optics", "Optical Simulation and Microoptics" and "Optical Metrology and Sensor Technology". These are widely used in various business areas.
Various projects in the field of optical metrology are carried out in co-operation with the ILM. Optical measurement systems are outlined together and created by the ILM in the form of a laboratory prototype. The systems are jointly analysed and, if necessary, developed into a series product.

Company Cooperations


Zenit GmbH, the Centre for Innovation and Technology, or ZENIT for short, is the central innovation and European agency of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia as a public-private partnership. EMG has been working with ZENIT for more than 15 years on issues relating to innovation management and the generation of technology and research projects.


As part of the cooperation project between SWERIM, SSAB, SMS and EMG, a laser ultrasonic measurement system (iLUS) was successfully realised for online determination of grain size under the challenging conditions in the hot strip area. The use in the hot strip area is particularly interesting, as the final material properties strongly depend on the grain size before cooling.
The project started in 2020 and EMG's task was to manufacture the hardware and line integration of the iLUS measuring system.

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