For perfect, individual strip guiding

For perfect, individual strip guiding

Perfecting your Performance - this also applies to our special actuator components: With hydraulic control HST, hydraulic power unit HR/HA, servo valves and electric servo cylinders, we ensure optimum strip tracking control individually tailored to the requirements of your system. 

EMG Guiding Roll SRD

The two required deflection rollers are used with the purely proportional guiding roller type SRD to bridge different strip heights.


Hydraulic components EMG HR & HA

The hydraulic control unit HR and the hydraulic power unit HA reliably generate hydraulic energy for any power range. 


Hydraulic control unit EMG HST

An HST hydraulic control system is used wherever installation space is at a minimum. 


Electro-Servo-Cylinder EMG ESZ

The Electro-Servo-Cylinder developed by EMG is used as a control and positioning cylinder. 


Servo valve EMG SV

Servo valves are the most important components in any electro-hydraulic control system. 


Customer benefit and unique selling point

Customer-specific design and optimization

High reliability in all application areas

Low space requirement

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"The guiding of the metal strip avoids damage to your product or even the production plant. With decades of experience on our customers' strip lines, we have succeeded in perfecting the strip guiding system. With well-engineered individual components, supported by numerous sensor technologies, you put the guiding of your metal strip in good hands with EMG. Because we want to make a contribution to the quality of your products that you deserve."

Jens Kathol, Product Manager for strip guiding solutions


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More solutions

As a rule, a strip guiding system consists of a selection of actuators in combination with the following components:


EMG's Metal division has many years of experience and expertise in the development and application of modern control electronics such as EMG iCON®



For precise determination of the strip centre position, EMG offers individual solutions using optical, inductive or radar-based sensors.


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