Control system for electrohydraulic brake systems BRAKEMATIC®

Control system for electrohydraulic brake systems BRAKEMATIC®

Basically, BRAKEMATIC® controls for electrohydraulic drum and disc brakes consist of a programmable frequency inverter (FU) with function modules, such as pedal, internal or external parameterisation interface and process controller module with transducer.  

A frequency change is generated at the output of the FI. This is used to control an electro-hydraulic lifting device in order to vary its hydraulic force. The resulting actuating force of the ELDRO® counteracts the braking force of the brake system, thus achieving a regulation of the braking process.  

Under certain conditions, several brakes can also be operated simultaneously with a BRAKEMATIC® control system: For this purpose, the functions and operating modes of the brake systems must be identical and the sum of the current consumption values of all ELDRO®s must correspond to the selected size of the Brakematic.   

The following functions can be implemented with BRAKEMATIC®

  • Pedal control P: electronic pedal control with manual parameter setting for generating an analogue guided braking for dosed braking of travel and rotary movements  

  • Ramp function R: electronic control for the generation of fixed, pre-programmed braking torque curves for the realisation of positively driven opening and closing movements  

  • Advance: electronic control with variable parameter setting for generating controlled braking torque curves, e.g. for constant braking times in complex conveyor strip systems or as an ABS system for driving and trolley vehicles Technical details are available on request. 

Customer benefits and unique selling propositions

Realisation of controlled braking processes with a defined time specification

Conveyor line can be stopped evenly within a predefined time - regardless of the load and inclination of the strips

Avoidance of overfilling at the transfer points

No need for intermediate bunkers when building new conveyor strip lines

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With this pretention EMG sets the industry standard for electrohydraulic brake thrusters."

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