EMG eBACS - strip edge control

Non-contact protection for the strip edges

In hot-dip galvanising lines, the thickness of the zinc layer on the metal strip is adjusted with the help of compressed air-driven blow-off nozzles - so-called air knives - directly above the zinc pot. In this area, the continuous metal strip is widened by so-called "baffle blades". The aim of using baffle blades is to avoid air turbulence in the area of the strip edge and to prevent possible damage. 

In this type of application, the baffle blades must continuously follow the edges of the strip, whose position changes due to the swarming of the strip or due to changes in the strip width. Our EMG eBACS inductive edge sensors enable highly accurate, non-contact tracking of the baffle blades. In this way, they avoid damage to the edges of the strip, which would be caused by zinc flaking off or by the mechanical contact of touch rolls.   

Customer benefits and unique selling propositions

Homogeneous zinc coating on the strip edge 

Preventing the zinc layer from flaking off 

No deformation of the strip edge 

Non-contact position measurement 

High precision edge tracking

Low maintenance 

Compact integration

Avoidance of mechanical contact rollers


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"Only in intensive discussion with technologists and line operators is it possible to gain an understanding of the special features of the production processes supported by EMG's quality assurance systems. This is what EMG stands for with its long-standing market presence. Thus, with the EMG eMASS® strip stabilisation, demonstrable improvements in quality and zinc consumption are possible in the hot-dip coating of steel sheets."

Steffen Dombrowski, Product Manager

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