Electro hydraulic actuators EMG ELDRO® / ELHY®

Electrohydraulic EMG actuators

Electrohydraulic EMG actuators convert electrical energy into mechanical energy and perform mechanical work during a specific section of the stroke. The proven versatility of the electrohydraulic thrusters EMG ELDRO® and ELHY® in different areas of operation has led to its widespread use in mining, steel, port, and building industry applications.

Electrohydraulic actuators EMG ELDRO® and ELHY® can be utilized in combination with different operating elements, for example in the following areas of application:

  • Lifting and lowering mechanisms

  • Locking and unlocking by displacement of load-securing wedges or securing hooks

  • Lowering of the wipers on conveyor belts

  • Valve actuators on hydraulic presses

We manufacture an innovative hydraulic multi-compact actuator that combines the best of traditional and new technologies. They apply to sectors like mines, steel production, industrial ports, conveyor technology and new fields such as waste water treatment. Generally, EMG actuators can be used in every mechanical application.

Our electrohydraulic actuator gives us excellent performance under external loads and under harsh environment. It is perfect for controlling mechanisms which demand higher forces to obtain efficacy throughout.

This machine is low maintenance and robust, allowing for minimal downtime, increased equipment longevity and have a high level of precision.

Plug & Play performance of our electrohydraulic actuators allows us to avoid using hydraulic or pneumatic power units. It also increases system, reliability and efficiency.

The default position of the actuator enhances safety and makes it ideal for various heavy-duty applications. When power is off, in case of damage or voltage cut our EMG actuator moves automatically into the default position (closed initial position).

EMG HKALinear - Hydraulic compact actuator linear

With the hydraulic compact actuator linear EMG has developed a drive unit that combines tradition and innovation. Its high degree of modifiability, in combination with technical robustness with simultaneous economic
efficiency, has led to the use of HKAL solutions in a multitude of industry sectors:

  • Mining and conveyor technology
  • Machinery and plant engineering
  • Power plant construction
  • Valve construction
  • Steel construction for hydraulic engineering
  • New energies (solar, water, etc.)

Customer benefits and unique selling propositions

Plug & Play -
100 % electric – no
pneumatic and no hydraulic units
and lines

Can be fully automated – Position
feedback to the system’s PLC via
inductive limit switches

ELDRO®/ELHY® Failsafe principle –
in the event of a malfunction, the
actuator closes automatically with
the interior spring

Wide temperature range:
24/7 during all seasons

Actuating times 0.4 – 1 s (at 60 mm of stroke)

Frequency of operating cycles up to 2000 c/h

Very fast opening and closing

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"The ELDRO® thruster has existed as a registered trademark since 1931 and has therefore been successful on the market for more than 90 years - an insanely successful product!

EMG ELDRO® meets all requirements of our customers, increases the safety of their brakes and is 100% tested.

With this pretention EMG sets the industry standard for electrohydraulic brake thrusters."

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