EMG technologies for future-oriented steel and aluminium service centres

Always the ideal solution for metal service centres

Metal service centres and processors are facing some demanding challenges! 
Your main customers, the car manufacturers, are undergoing a profound change. The use of steel in the automotive industry is expected to decline. The trend is towards high-strength and ultra-high-strength steels with smaller wall thicknesses, as well as aluminium. Electromobility and autonomous driving are current and upcoming developments that need to be prepared for.

  • Do you already have plans to compete in this market? 
  • Are you ready to take advantage of the latest technologies? 
  • Do you want to stand out through the highest quality as well as agility and flexibility?

Put your trust in EMG!
With our strip guiding systems and various quality assurance systems in combination with our excellent service, we always offer the right solution with significant advantages for your processes:

  • Precise control of the strip run for all units in processing 
  • High-precision measurement of material thickness
  • Precise strip width measurement, also for online slit strip measurement
  • Exact length measurement also for blanks
  • Coil and plate-related provision of data for end customers or downstream processes
  • Increased material yield through optimised processes
  • Combined visualisation e.g. for thickness, width and length
  • High-precision oil layer measurement

Customer statement

„One of the main reasons we choose EMG, is robustness, stability and good service after installation.“

Peter van Schoenwinkel, Operational Manager Decomecc

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Our solutions

Strip guiding solutions

In the production, treatment and processing of metal strips, the material delivered in material rolls - the so-called coils - is unwound and sent for processing. It is then usually rewound into coils for easy transport


EMG BREIMO - Strip width measurement

EMG BREIMO is the non-contact, optical strip width measurement of steel strips in a continuously running process.


EMG iCAM® - Strip & slit strip measurement

THE Solution for high-precision strip and slit strip width measurement


EMG iTiM - Thickness measurement

EMG iTiM is our solution for thickness measurements in various areas, such as hot and cold rolling, steel and aluminum service centers as well as in the automotive industry.


EMG SOLID® - Oil layer measurement

Increased demands on new materials and ever more complex components increasingly require higher process reliability.


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"We offer our customers complete solutions for their individual requirements - you describe your problems and we work out the appropriate solution. We plan, we advise and we accompany our customers until the complete commissioning! From the first contact to the finished technical clarification, your request is in one hand with EMG!"

Patric Jobst, VP Sales & Organisation EMG USA Inc.


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