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Precision technology for thickness measurement

High-precision, fully automatic online thickness measurements require a high level of technological expertise that covers a wide range of applications. Only a precise under-standing of the specific application and consideration of the accuracy requirement results in the tailor-made solution for the individual application. 
Laser measurement systems, for example, are easy to use and comparatively inexpensive, but they are subject to physical limitations in terms of absolute measuring accuracy. 

And this is where EMG‘s comprehensive solution competence, based on decades of experience, comes into play, which is reflected in the wide range of applications for EMG products: In addition to hot and cold rolling, process lines and foil applications, EMG also offers reliable and proven quality assurance solutions for steel and aluminium service centres as well as for the automotive industry (see graphic).

Three measurement principles for a variety of production scenarios

Measuing principle of laser thickness measurement

The laser-based thickness measurement system EMG iTiM laser stands for a multitude of possible applications. The focus of the development of the system, as with all other solutions, was the non-contact thickness measurement and the collection of the desired production data for the digitalisation of the process flows. For measurement, two laser distance sensors are arranged on opposite sides of the strip. One sensor is mounted above, another sensor below the material to be measured. The thickness is determined from the distance of both measuring heads to each other and the difference of the measured individual distances to the material to be measured. To compensate for temperature influences on the sensor geometry, for example, the measuring system has an integrated calibration sample.

Measuring principle of X-ray thickness measurement

The highest measuring accuracy and reliability is provided by the X-ray transmission measuring method. When using this method, the X-ray source and detector are arranged on opposite sides of the material to be measured. The non-absorbed part of the X-ray radiation provides the basis for a precise thickness measurement, where material-related influences are compensated by the software. With very high measuring accuracies in combination with fast measured value output and short integration times, thickness measurement be-comes economically efficient. In addition, the measuring system provides the required reference variable for all rolling applications at the speed required for automation. 

The EMG iTiM xray measuring system has been developed to ensure protection of the entire system even when used under the most difficult conditions in hot and cold rolling applications. It is resistant and insensitive to harsh environmental conditions. 

Measuring principle of isotope thickness measurement

The isotope transmission method is the third in the series of EMG measurement methods. Here, the isotope source and detector are on opposite sides of the material to be measured. The isotope emits a constant gamma or beta radiation, which is limited to a constant form due to the built-in collimator. The part of the radiation that is not absorbed or scattered in the material to be measured enters the detector through the provided entrance window. The ionisation of the gas in the ionisation chamber generates electrons which are dissipated by means of applied high voltage and processed as a measurement signal. After amplification of the measurement signal, the correct measured value is calculated, taking the potash brier curve into account. The values required for alloy compensation are taken into account.

In this robust as well as low-maintenance measuring process, EMG iTiM Iso is used in all applications where the highest precision and continuous operation are required. Typically, these systems have been successfully used for decades to measure the overthickness in the infeed area of process lines. 

Customer benefits and unique selling propositions

highly accurate
Thickness measurement using laser, X-ray and isotope technology up to a measuring accuracy of ± 0.1 %

Sampling times of up to 0.2 ms

Effective modernization of existing plants in just a few hours

future-proof & digital
Due to the modular design of the software and hardware components as well as through a variable interface concept

versatile use
Hot rolling, cold rolling, foil applications, cutting, splitting, coating

flexible EMG software concept
Connection to customer database server, various interfaces, SAP connection, Ethernet TCP/IP

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The right system for your requirements! 

EMG can now help you optimally implement your technological goals and production requirements with the EMG iTiM thickness measurement technology. Existing plants can also be effectively modernised by seamlessly integrating our thickness measurement systems into your production line. 

The focus is always on reducing your effort and material costs!

For example, existing isotope sources can often be reused and the special plug-and-play devices can be installed within just a few hours. The EMG software solutions, which can also be integrated into existing systems, also contribute to maximum effectiveness. In addition, all our thickness measurement solutions undergo an endurance test in our in-house endurance test facility.

Detlef Jährling, Product Manager EMG iTiM

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