Oil layer measurement

This is how you optimise your oiling and pressing process

Increased demands on new materials and ever more complex components increasingly require higher process reliability. This also applies with regard to the oil coating for the forming process of steel and aluminium sheets. EMG SOLID® is a system for the up-to-date online measurement of oil deposits on running strips. 

Especially in the automotive industry, the requirements for a uniform, defined lubricant application are becoming ever higher. EMG SOLID® offers a wide range of applications: from initial oiling in the rolling mill to the metal processor, for whom sufficient oiling during the shaping process or freedom from oil before painting measures are indispensable.  

EMG SOLID® measures the oil layer within the production line online over the complete width and length and visualises it over the entire surface to be measured. 


Our solution EMG SOLID® IR uses the technology of infrared spectroscopy. The system generates an infrared light that penetrates the oil layer, is reflected by the strip surface and penetrates the oil layer again. In the process, the intensity of specific wavelengths is attenuated by the oil layer: the thicker the oil layer, the less light is reflected.  

EMG SOLID® IR then calculates the layer thickness of the oil layer according to Lambert-Beer's law.   

Customer benefits and unique selling propositions

Independent of oil mixtures 

Easy calibration of new oil types and clear oil type allocation through group calibration 

High repeatability (min. 0,0015 g/m²) 

Absolute and relative measurement possible 

No falsification due to unevenly applied passivations  

Special EMG solution to keep the optics clean 

Automatic system check via built-in reference measurement  

High measuring accuracy  

Technology established on the market worldwide 


Using laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy, the system measures the weight per unit area of the oil layer and then visualises it over the entire surface of the material. A special solid-state laser delivers 10,000 individual pulses per second, robust and flexible quartz fibre bundles transmit the light energy to the measurement location.

Via a second quartz fibre bundle, a highly sensitive photomultiplier detects individual photons of the fluorescence signal. These are recorded by a counter system with time resolution in the nanosecond range and statistically evaluated. A microcontroller then controls the analysis system; it manages the system calibrations and calculates the results.  

Customer benefits and unique selling propositions

Low influence due to roughness, textures, oil droplets, hotmelt structures, therefore no need for pressure/distribution rollers 

Detection of very low concentrations <20 mg/m² possible, thus also applicable for purity measurements 

Very small space requirement Absolute and relative measurement possible 

Special EMG solution to keep the optics clean

High measuring accuracy 

Very high measuring frequency (10 kHz) and high resolution of the measuring spot (Ø = 8 mm)   

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"Our product family for online oil layer measurement EMG SOLID® is based on two technologies: Infrared Spectroscopy and Laser Induced Fluorescence Spectroscopy. The use of these two technologies puts EMG in a unique position to offer our customers the optimum solution for their requirements. We are happy to advise you, please contact us!"

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