EMG IMPOC - Online yield & tensile strength measurement

EMG IMPOC - Online measurement of tensile strength and yield strength

EMG IMPOC is a proven magnetic-inductive measuring system for the automatic, non-destructive online determination of the mechanical parameters tensile strength and yield strength of ferromagnetic steel strips. Applications include the production of cold-rolled and surface-finished steel strips, for example in:

  • Hot-dip galvanising plants
  • Continuous annealing systems
  • Tinning systems
  • Continuous pickling lines*
  • Processing lines*
  • Automotive lines

*on request

The Benefits of Non-Destructive Testing Methods

Non-destructive testing methods offer significant advantages over traditional destructive approaches for determining tensile strength and other mechanical properties of materials.

To carry out the conventional tensile test, production must be stopped so that material samples can be taken first. When carrying out the tensile test, the tensile stress is then gradually increased until it reaches the breaking strength. This permanently deforms or destroys the sample.

In contrast, non-destructive testing methods allow for tensile strength determination without compromising the integrity of the tested component or material.

The measuring principle of the EMG IMPOC is based on magnetic-inductive technology and on the relation between magnetic and mechanical material properties.

This non-destructive approach eliminates the need for destructive tensile testing and provides reliable quality data on the complete strip length and strip width directly during the production process.

In addition, non-destructive tensile testing is often more cost-effective, as the process does not have to be interrupted to take material samples for each test. The results are available immediately at each step of the process so that material can be released without delay.

Customer benefit and unique selling point

Simplified assessment of strip quality

Increased quality assurance in the production process

Evaluation of mechanical property level possible over entire strip length and width

Process parameters can be influenced during production

Insensitive to scale and metal-containing dust from mechanical processing


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"EMG IMPOC reliably determines the material properties tensile strength and yield strength without destructive testing. Thanks to our many years of experience, we have a deep understanding of the process, which is essential for the implementation of customer-specific requirements. In general, I find the development of solutions in the team at EMG and in close exchange with our customers exciting, especially for complex activities and tasks."

Franziska Kneisel, Product Manager


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