Intelligent modular camera solution

Strip and slit strip width measurement

With EMG iCAM® (iCAM = intelligent Camera Array Module), a modular solution is now available that enables high-precision strip and slit strip width measurement. 

System design

The EMG iCAM® system consists of an LED backlight unit ("emitter unit") below the metal strip and a camera unit above the strip, consisting of several CMOS cameras, as receiver unit. The standard strip width is 300 mm to 2,950 mm and is scalable in steps of 250 mm (other strip widths on request).

The LED backlight unit emits infrared light in a defined spectral range in the direction of the strip. This is selected in such a way that a maximum reduction of the influence of extraneous light sources is achieved. 

The light from the LED backlighting unit is shaded by the metal strip and only in the areas of the strip edges does light pass through, which is detected by the CMOS cameras. Modeled after human eyes, two adjacent cameras each capture the identical position of photons on the strip from two different directions emitted by the LED backlight unit. This measuring principle is based on the stereo vision concept.


Customer benefits and unique selling propositions

Fast image data processing through FPGA technology

Almost complete compensation of ambient light influences

Modular, scalable system design enables subsequent application extensions

Different applications based on the same hardware

Long-life, low-maintenance LED backlight unit

Optimisation of the process and the material output

Transparent incoming inspection and precise process control

Minimisation of edge trim and efficient process release through data management and visualisation of measurement data

All EMG systems are based on the same hardware and software DNA: Reduction of TCO (total cost of ownership)

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"Nature shows us every second how detailed and precise we perceive our surroundings with our eyes in perspective.
Nature meets Technology - EMG iCAM® captures details precisely every second. Let us implement the best solution for you TOGETHER from your challenge and our technology.  Technology meets Industry!"

Christopher Hoppe, Product Manager


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