Optical, inductive, radar-based - EMG sensor technology with sensitivity

Determining the strip position is the most important goal for all strip guiding solutions. At EMG, this goal is achieved via optical, inductive or radar-based sensors - always suitable for the respective installation situation and the individual requirements of your system.


Advantages of our inductive sensors

Wide range of applications from 0.05 mm to 16 mm tape thickness (others on request)   

Ionising furnace atmosphere  

Disturbances of the static field, e.g. during inspections by the plant personnel

Water and metal vapours from the treatment processes

Scale and metal-containing dust from mechanical processing 

Advantages of our optical sensors

Precise and reliable measurement accuracy, as insensitive to height variations of the tape  

Distance between sensor and light source up to 4 m (sensor gap)

High reliability and ease of use 

Short commissioning time due to fast, simple installation (minimal installation space)  

Active dirt compensation through reference measuring principle  

Immunity to extraneous light through the use of HF alternating light 

Use even in harsh environments (e.g. pickling, cold rolling mill)  

Advantages of our radar-based sensors

No sensor parts in the oven 

Measurement from outside through the kiln wall, consisting of kiln wall insulation, closed gas-tight flange and sensor  

No direct contact of the antenna housing with the oven interior  

No deformation of the antennas possible

No damage to the sensor by the strip possible

No soiling of the oven interior or antenna housing 

No cleaning of the antennas required 

No need for cooling systems for sensors inside the oven

Exchange of antennas or sensor electronics possible without line stop

Low total cost of ownership (TCO)  

Calibration by means of simple reference measurements

Only one type of sensor for all strips (Independent of strip width, strip temperature and material quality)  

Particularly high-quality, thermal furnace wall insulation on the sensor

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"The guiding of the metal strip avoids damage to your product or even the production plant. With decades of experience on our customers' strip lines, we have succeeded in perfecting the strip guiding system. With well-engineered individual components, supported by numerous sensor technologies, you put the guiding of your metal strip in good hands with EMG. Because we want to make a contribution to the quality of your products that you deserve."

Jens Kathol, Product Manager for strip guiding solutions


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More solutions

As a rule, a strip guiding system consists of a selection of sensors in combination with the following components:


EMG's Metal division has many years of experience and expertise in the development and application of modern control electronics such as EMG iCON®



The special actuator components from EMG ensure optimum strip guiding that is individually tailored to the requirements of your system. 


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