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Safety components

Every day, our customers entrust us with the safety of their facilities and goods. We want to live up to this trust 100 %, because above all it is also about the safety of the people who work with crane systems and suspended loads.

The comprehensive product portfolio of our EMG meets all conceivable customer requirements - completely independent of industry, ambient conditions, installation size and location as well as force or speed requirements. EMG stands for 100 % variety, 100 % quality, 100 % durability and 100 % reliability.



In combination with modern drum and disc brakes, the ELDRO® electrohydraulic lifting devices from EMG ensure safe and "soft" braking. They also guarantee the safety of man and machine.


ELDRO® New generation

The new generation EMG ELDRO® combines the best of our previous ELDRO® and ELHY® series.



ELHY® Electrohydraulic thruster: EMG offers proven, robust lifting equipment for particularly demanding applications, including steelworks and mining. 


ELDRO® Ex series  

Explosion-proof ELDRO® units for chemical/petrochemical industry, pharmaceuticals, oil/gas production, mining, food industry, biofuels, waste water



Easy integration into braking systems, simple electrical commissioning: The electro-hydraulic system of the ELDROdynamic® units offers a wide range of applications.


EMG ELDRO® direct current

ELDRO® DC units for systems with existing DC mains. Also ideal for opening brakes in the event of a power failure of the three-phase power supply.


Installation and operating instructions

Here you will find all installation and operating instructions for our EMG ELDRO® and EMG ELHY® product ranges as well as translations in numerous languages.


EMG ESSE - Quick response actuator

Intelligent automation technology for your wastewater treatment plant: If you are looking for an automatic solution for your drainage processes - for example at the primary clarifier - the EMG quick response actuator ESSE is the ideal solution for you.


Control system BRAKEMATIC®

BRAKEMATIC® Control for electrohydraulic brake systems: With BRAKEMATIC®, you can control several electrohydraulic drum and disc brakes at the same time if the functions and operating methods of the brakes are identical.


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