EMG BREIMO - Strip width measurement for flat metals processing

EMG BREIMO - Strip width measurement for flat metals processing

In the manufacturing process, the significance of precise strip width measurement can't be overstated. We leverage advanced measurement technology to ensure strip width accuracy, which is fundamental to producing high-quality steel.

In the realm of steel manufacturing, minute variations can lead to significant quality issues, so our systems for measurement are equipped with a broad sensing range and detailed documentation features. This ensures optimal product quality and aids in record-keeping for process optimization and compliance.

Our measurement applications are an integral part of our commitment to excellence. We believe that investing in state-of-the-art measuring systems is essential for maintaining the integrity and quality of your end products.

EMG BREIMO is the non-contact, optical strip width measurement of steel strips in a continuously running process. It consists of a measuring frame with two strip edge positioning devices (EMG EVK), the associated light transmitters (EMG LLS) and a common linear stroke transducer.

EMG BREIMO is a highly reliable strip width measurement system that offers all the advantages of the EMG EVK, e.g. robustness against external interference. Changes to the strip edge position are continuously detected and taken into account when calculating and displaying the strip width.

Customer benefits and unique selling propositions

More efficient processes  

Saving resources  

Precise and reliable measurement accuracy  

High availability

Minimum installation space

High economic efficiency

Ease of use

State-of-the-art fieldbus technology  

Stable, ready-to-install measuring frame according to individual customer requirements  

Short commissioning time

Fast and convenient calibration 

Minimisation of trimming scrap (in combination with EMG SWOp) 


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All EMG systems are based on the same hardware and software structure. Benefit from the use of our broad solution portfolio and reduce your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).   


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