EMG iSCAN® slab dimension measurement, positioning and tracking

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slab dimension measurement, positioning and tracking

Width, width profile, length and thickness - with EMG iSCAN® the non-contact measurement of the slab geometry is realised highly precisely. The number, type and configuration of the laser-based sensors are adapted to your individual application. As far as technically possible, the laser sensors required for the application have laser protection class 2. Our sensors are ideally suited for harsh environmental conditions, e.g. high temperatures.   

Further applications of EMG iSCAN® are slab tracking on the roller table from the slab store to the heating furnace as well as position, orientation and length measurement of slabs before or after the heating furnace. The optimum slab transport to the heating furnace or the precise pushing into a walking beam or pusher-type furnace can also be perfectly implemented with EMG iSCAN®.   

Customer benefits and unique selling propositions

Display of the slab width profile, such as guttering, edge shape and off-corner cracks 

Optimisation of the casting process by the customer

Slab geometry measurement on the roller table for efficient charging of the reheating furnace  

Calculation of a virtual rectangle to determine the optimal space requirement within the heating furnace 

Optimisation of slab transport to the heating furnace

Ideal slab positioning before the reheating furnace 

Precise push-in into pusher-type or reciprocating furnaces possible 


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"We see it, we feel it and yet it is too hot to touch. With EMG iSCAN® you always know what the three-dimensional shape of your hot or cold slab is. As individual as people are, so are your requirements and environmental conditions.

TOGETHER we will push the boundaries and optimise the quality of your products and processes."

Mathias Klein, Product Manager

More Solutions

This also applies to the hot area: Special conditions require special solutions. Learn more about the possibilities and advantages of the EMG solution EMG hotCAM: Strip position measurement and control to optimise your hot rolling processes. 

All EMG systems are based on the same hardware and software structure. Benefit from the use of our broad solution portfolio and reduce your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)!  


The hot rolling process is typically a combination of a reversing stand (roughing stand) and a finishing line with several rolling stands. Maintaining a defined position of the strip between the rolling stands is essential for process safety in a hot rolling mill.


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