Due to its easy integration into braking systems and simple electrical commissioning, the electro-hydraulic system of the ELDROdynamic® thrusters offers a wide range of possible applications. Typical performance features include:

  • Lower power consumption and self-heating through the use of IE3 efficiency class motors and optimised pump geometry
  • Closing times ≤ 200 ms and stroke times ≤ 700 ms are achieved with the ELDROdynamic® (determined at 80 mm stroke)
  • Stroke lengths up to 500 mm can be realised (deviating requirements on request)

From ELDROdynamic® by means of additional equipment ELDROdigital®
If required, the ELDROdigital® electrohydraulic lifting device can be equipped with sensors of various types and IO-Link-compatible evaluation electronics. In this way, sensor and operating data can be recorded and evaluated for connection to a condition monitoring system.

Possible additional equipment
- Pressure sensor
- Analogue displacement transducer
- Temperature sensor
- Force measuring sensor
- End position sensing

Customer benefits

High operational reliability (failsafe)

Maintenance and service-friendly due to modular design

Long service life due to wear-free operation

Soft, shock-free working - system-dependent due to the hydrodynamic mode of action

Approved continuous operation S1 and switching operation S3 up to 2,000 switching operations per hour

Any direction of motor rotation

No overload possible during operation

Stepless adjustment of lifting and/or lowering times by installing valves

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"The ELDRO® thruster has existed as a registered trademark since 1931 and has therefore been successful on the market for more than 90 years - an insanely successful product!

EMG ELDRO® meets all requirements of our customers, increases the safety of their brakes and is 100% tested.

With this pretention EMG sets the industry standard for electrohydraulic brake thrusters."

Alex Hoffmann, Area Sales Managerä


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ELHY® Electrohydraulic thruster: EMG offers proven, robust lifting equipment for particularly demanding applications, including steelworks and mining. 



In combination with modern drum and disc brakes, the ELDRO® electrohydraulic lifting devices from EMG ensure safe and "soft" braking. They also guarantee the safety of man and machine.


ELDRO® New generation

The new generation EMG ELDRO® combines the best of our previous ELDRO® and ELHY® series.


ELDRO® Ex series  

Explosion-proof ELDRO® units for chemical/petrochemical industry, pharmaceuticals, oil/gas production, mining, food industry, biofuels, waste water


EMG ELDRO® direct current

ELDRO® DC units for systems with existing DC mains. Also ideal for opening brakes in the event of a power failure of the three-phase power supply.


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