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Our specialities: Metals and safety components

EMG is your specialist for intelligent and complex automation solutions. As a technology leader, we are the first port of call for our customers. Central areas of application for series products, individual components and complex system solutions from EMG are continuous production processes in a wide range of industries. These include the metal industry, especially steel and aluminium, the automotive industry, industrial ports and raw materials extraction as well as heavy-duty logistics. 


Our solutions

Our primary goal is to provide our customers with the best technical solution for their tasks. As a manufacturer of strip guiding and quality assurance systems as well as electrohydraulic drive solutions, EMG offers numerous products for a wide range of applications. Take advantage of our know-how and trust in our decades of experience: EMG accepts every challenge. 

Strip guiding solutions

In the production, treatment and processing of metal strips, the material delivered in material rolls - the so-called coils - is unwound and sent for processing. It is then usually rewound into coils for easy transport


Quality assurance systems

The increased demands on new materials and ever more complex components require ever greater process reliability in the production of steel and aluminium strips.



In combination with modern drum and disc brakes, the ELDRO® electrohydraulic lifting devices from EMG ensure safe and "soft" braking. They also guarantee the safety of man and machine.   



Intelligent automation technology for your wastewater treatment plant: If you are looking for an automatic solution for your drainage processes - for example at the primary clarifier - the EMG quick slide unit ESSE is the ideal solution for you. 



Control system for BRAKEMATIC® electrohydraulic brake systems: With BRAKEMATIC® controls, you can control several electrohydraulic drum and disc brakes at the same time if the functions and operating methods of the brakes are identical.  


Customer statements

"We have been working successfully with EMG for a long time. The constant trusting relationship with each other, the consulting competence of the EMG experts paired with the reliable EMG solutions are the basis for the success of numerous projects that we have realised with EMG!"

Emiliano Dini
Head of Automation, Instrumentation & Information Technology Marcegaglia, Ravenna Plant

Good reasons for EMG



EMG - global market leader for strip guiding systems in the metal industry worldwide.



EMG - Innovation leader for quality assurance systems in the metal industry worldwide.



EMG - thruster - the perfect solution for all applications.



EMG - an attractive employer for a safe future.

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We value committed and qualified employees - they are a company's greatest asset. That is why we do a lot to offer them attractive jobs in the long term as well. These include flexible working hours, mobile working, a good work-life balance and individual training opportunities. 


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