EMG 高灵敏度的光学、电感、雷达传感器

Reliable strip guiding prevents damage to the product or even the production line and enables the strip to run smoothly through the treatment process.

Due to ever higher quality requirements and very high availability with few operating and maintenance personnel, the demands here are constantly increasing, which is also reflected in the required qualities of the strip guiding systems and their components.

Reliable determination of the strip center position is always the most important goal for all strip guiding solutions.

After decades of experience and with approx. 1500 controls sold per year, EMG has a wide range of sophisticated optical, inductive and radar-based sensors to realise this goal.

Optical Sensors

For precise determination of the strip edge and centre position, EMG offers optical sensors for different application areas.


Inductive Sensors

EMG offers individual solutions using inductive sensors for maintenance-free and highly precise determination of the strip edge and centre position.


Radar-based Sensors

For the special environmental conditions in furnaces, EMG offers laser-based sensors that measure without contact through the furnace wall.




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EMG 的金属业务部门在 EMG iCON® 等现代化控制电子设备的开发和应用方面拥有多年的经验和专业能力



凭借 EMG 的特殊执行机构组件,我们可以确保根据您所用设备的要求为您提供量身定制的最佳板带纠偏系统。


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