EMG ESSE – 快速关断阀:适用于污水处理厂的智能自动化技术

EMG ESSE – 快速关断阀:适用于污水处理厂的智能自动化技术

您是否正在为您的排水过程寻找自动化解决方案,例如在初级澄清池?凭借 EMG 快速关断阀单元 ESSE,我们可以为您提供完美的解决方案:去除沉积污泥和漂浮污泥时,可以快速地自动打开和关闭排放阀。无需气动或液压 - 全部 100% 电动工作。 


加强型 ELHY® 升降装置可通过一个可调节的长不锈钢杆以更大的力操作滑阀。通过复位弹簧和连杆的自重,可以快速地自动关闭。凭借我们的故障安全原理,阀门在发生故障时会立即关闭。升降装置上的限位开关会检测终端位置。

Our quick response actuator EMG ESSE at the IFAT 2022:

Feedback Schnaittachtal sewage treatment plant

"The ESSE units were installed in 1999 for automatic raw sludge removal from the primary clarifier, since then they have been running at 8 cycles per day without any malfunctions. During this time, apart from a few defective initiators, no repairs or other work was necessary. We are therefore very satisfied with the units, which is why the lifting units are now being replaced by the successor models."

Christian Schuhmann, Schnaittachtal sewage treatment plant in Neunkirchen am Sand


即插即用:100% 电动 - 无气动,无液压  

可实现 100% 自动化  

通过感应式限位开关向设备的 PLC 发送位置反馈信息 

ELDRO®/ELHY® 故障安全原理 – 发生故障时,阀门自动关闭  


温度范围大:一年中任何时候都可以 7 天 24 小时全天候运行  





阀尺寸 DN 120/150/200/250    



"The ELDRO® thruster has existed as a registered trademark since 1931 and has therefore been successful on the market for more than 90 years - an insanely successful product!

EMG ELDRO® meets all requirements of our customers, increases the safety of their brakes and is 100% tested.

With this pretention EMG sets the industry standard for electrohydraulic brake thrusters."

Sales Team ELDRO®

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