MESACON Messelektronik GmbH Dresden - 25 years young and heading for the future with the momentum of EMG

A 25th company anniversary is quite an achievement in today's times, especially when the company is operating in the highly competitive environment of electronic measurement technology, which is characterised by continuous innovation. In this respect, the MESACON team cannot be congratulated enough. 

Insiders know that the history of the East German company goes back much further. As early as 1957 - and that brings us to over 60 years of history - the scientifically oriented predecessor company Vakutronik was engaged in isotope measurement technology for thickness and coating thickness measurement. In 1969, this led to the founding of Messelektronik in Dresden. Until the fall of the Iron Curtain, 90 % of Messelektronik Dresden was concentrated on the Eastern European market for understandable reasons.

Finally, in 1997, MESACON Messelektronik GmbH Dresden was founded and celebrated its 25th anniversary this autumn. The team has a strong engineering background, has in-depth mechatronic know-how and manufactures core components of thickness measurement sensor technology in its own production. These traits alone explain why the integration of MESACON's thickness measurement solutions into EMG Automation GmbH's product portfolio - as the EMG iTiM product family - offers huge opportunities for both companies and, of course, the user. The combination of know-how and manufacturing capacity ensures that MESACON's extraordinarily extensive and flexible sensor portfolio can not only be offered more widely worldwide, but also sustainably and continuously developed. 

Together, the two partners offer proven and reliable solutions for measuring strip thickness in various applications. The user has access to the combined design and application knowledge of EMG and MESACON​​​​​​​. Each installation is configured line-specifically and equipped with the appropriate combination and design of sensors for the specific application; be it X-ray measurement systems, laser-optical solutions or measurement solutions based on isotope technology. In addition, customers worldwide benefit from EMG's existing international sales and service network with personal experts directly on site.

All in all, the acquisition of MESACON by elexis AG and the integration of the thickness measurement solutions into the product portfolio of the Metals business unit of EMG Automation GmbH can be seen as an impetus for long-term product availability and innovative strength for modern thickness measurement technology. 

Thickness measurement technology has thus gained additional momentum worldwide. 
Congratulations MESACON!


Further information
More information about MESACON​​​​​​​ and EMG iTiM can be found on our website and you are welcome to contact our international sales and service organisation at any time or directly our product manager for thickness measurement solutions Detlef Jährling​​​​​​​.

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