Electro hydraulic actuators EMG ELDRO® / ELHY®

Electrohydraulic EMG actuators

Electrohydraulic EMG actuators convert electrical energy into mechanical energy and perform mechanical work during a specific section of the stroke. The proven versatility of the electrohydraulic thrusters EMG ELDRO® and ELHY® in different areas of operation has led to its widespread use in mining, steel, port and building industry applications.

Electrohydraulic actuators EMG ELDRO® and ELHY® can be utilised in combination with different operating elements, for example in the following areas of application:

  • Lifting and lowering mechanisms 
  • Locking and unlocking by displacement of load-securing wedges or securing hooks
  • Lowering of the wipers on conveyor belts
  • Valve actuators on hydraulic presses

EMG HKALinear - Hydraulic compact actuator linear

With the hydraulic compact actuator linear EMG has developed a drive unit that combines tradition and innovation. Its high degree of modifiability, in combination with technical robustness with simultaneous economic
efficiency, has led to the use of HKAL solutions in a multitude of industry sectors:

  • Mining and conveyor technology
  • Machinery and plant engineering
  • Power plant construction
  • Valve construction
  • Steel construction for hydraulic engineering
  • New energies (solar, water, etc.)

Customer benefits and unique selling propositions

Plug & Play -
100 % electric – no
pneumatic and no hydraulic units
and lines

Can be fully automated – Position
feedback to the system’s PLC via
inductive limit switches

ELDRO®/ELHY® Failsafe principle –
in the event of a malfunction, the
coupling closes automatically with
the interior spring

Wide temperature range:
24/7 during all seasons

Actuating times 0.4 – 1 s (at 60 mm of stroke)

Frequency of operating cycles up to 2000 c/h

Very fast opening and closing

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"The ELDRO® thruster has existed as a registered trademark since 1931 and has therefore been successful on the market for more than 90 years - an insanely successful product!

EMG ELDRO® meets all requirements of our customers, increases the safety of their brakes and is 100% tested.

With this pretention EMG sets the industry standard for electrohydraulic brake thrusters."

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