Team strengthening - New product manager for strip guiding systems at EMG: Jens Kathol

We are pleased to introduce an important reinforcement of our team in product management. 

Jens Kathol completed his exams in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Siegen, Germany, and has, in addition to theoretical expertise, a great deal of practical experience thanks to his apprenticeship and several years of work as a tool mechanic. He has now been the new product manager for strip guiding systems at EMG since the beginning of the year.

But let's let him speak for himself:
"I am pleased to be able to represent EMG's strip guiding systems. This successful product from our company laid and lays many foundations for exciting developments within EMG and is therefore an important pillar that will continue to exist, because the guiding of the metal strip avoids damage to the product or even the production plant. With decades of experience on our customers' strip producing lines, we have succeeded in perfecting strip guiding. With sophisticated individual components, supported by numerous sensor technologies, you place your strip guiding solution in good hands with EMG. My job is to help you safely achieve the goals associated with optimal strip guiding: maximum throughput and highest quality!"


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