METEC 2023

EMG at METEC - perfecting your performance

You've hardly looked around and it's already that time again. METEC is already done.

From 12-16 June, after four eventful years, the Düsseldorf exhibition halls opened once again their doors to the international public. 

This year under the motto "EMG - perfecting your performance", we presented our new and further developed solutions for the steel and aluminium industry. Among others, we showed you our new thickness measurement technology EMG iTiM, our strip and slit strip width measurement EMG iCAM®, our online roughness measurement EMG SORM® as well as our solution EMG SOLID® for the measurement of oil deposits on electrical sheet. In addition, our further developed optical position measuring system EMG EVK3 from the area of our strip guiding systems was not missing.

We would like to thank all visitors very much for visiting our METEC booth and hope that you liked our product innovations and your hopefully informative conversation with our experts. 

Since it is our personal concern to always meet your expectations and wishes, we would be very pleased if you would invest a few minutes of your valuable time in our short customer satisfaction survey. 

Because only based on your honest feedback we can develop ourselves purposefully and become better continuously. 

Please follow the link to take part in the survey: Feedback Form
Answering the 10 questions will take a maximum of 5 minutes. 

We are already looking forward to implementing new projects and innovative ideas together with you.  

EMG – perfecting your performance!

Your team of EMG BU Metals

6th ESTAD (European Steel Technology and Application Days)

In 2023 the Steel Institute VDEh organized again the acompanying conference of METEC trade fair with the future topic: CO2 neutral production – on the way to green steel.
Both events, METEC & 6th ESTAD, were focused on the leading sign of the transformation of the German and European steel industry towards hydrogen-based, CO2-neutral steel production. There were numerous lectures by high-ranking representatives from steel production and plant engineering companies scheduled on this key topic.

EMG was also represented with a presentation at the ESTAD conference on "Quantitative measurement of insulating coatings on electrical sheet with EMG SOLID® systems".

If you want to know more about this presentation, just contact us via marketing[at]emg-automation[dot]com.

Impressions METEC 2023


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