Perfect hydraulic systems

Perfect hydraulic systems

Thrusters from our safety components business unit have been in use for heavy-duty logistics on crane systems and container gantry cranes in ports all over the world since 1946. Under the EMG brand, they stand for absolute reliability. Thanks to continuous optimisation and further development of all individual parts and assemblies, they still guarantee the safe actuation of braking systems today - the basis for trouble-free goods handling. We know from experience: The high demands and extreme stresses in port facilities worldwide do not allow any compromises when it comes to safety.   


The EMG ELDRO® and EMG ELHY® brands set the technological standard in the brake business. Despite the use of electronic components in modern systems, the mechanical safety brake with the electrohydraulic thruster is still indispensable today. Even in the event of a power failure, our thrusters, as the last link in the chain of numerous safety measures, ensure the safety of people and equipment.  


EMG safety components for heavy-duty logistics: electrohydraulic lifting equipment, intelligent automation technology, control for electrohydraulic brake systems



ELHY® Electrohydraulic thruster: EMG offers proven, robust lifting equipment for particularly demanding applications, including steelworks and mining. 


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"The ELDRO® thruster has existed as a registered trademark since 1931 and has therefore been successful on the market for more than 90 years - an insanely successful product!

EMG ELDRO® meets all requirements of our customers, increases the safety of their brakes and is 100% tested.

With this pretention EMG sets the industry standard for electrohydraulic brake thrusters."

Alex Hoffmann, Area Sales Manager

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